Do you always feel safe? Take a moment and think about it. Statistics show that most peoples’ feedback is a no, even when at the comfort of their home. Shocking, right? It’s paramount to feel secure no matter where you go, whether it’s on a business trip, family vacation or just at the comfort of your home. You are not the only one concerned about safety, even in the places where you should feel safest.
Fortunately, you don’t have to get worked up about your safety anymore because ips-bodyguard offers all international private security services that you could be looking for.

Why should you consider security measures today?

Statistics show that property crime occurs every 4.1 seconds, violent crimes every 24 seconds and robbery every 1.7 minutes, and it’s forecasted to rise. This is because the present world is seeing an unparalleled confluence of international security challenges and insecurity.
This, along with an increase in international and national crime rates and criminal organisations that increasingly transcend national boundaries in both legal and unlawful migratory ways may represent an immeasurable danger to the global community in an increasingly global world.
Take the initiative to protect yourself, your property and your loved ones today.

What services do international private security offer?

IPS bodyguards dedicate all of their available resources to meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations and ensuring their safety.
They are just as concerned as you are. Take a quick look at the services they offer;

Risk assessment. They offer expert risk assessment and crisis management and evaluate their clients’ exposure to safety and security concerns.
Personal protection that includes experienced, diplomatic, modest, courteous, well-educated, loyal and righteous bodyguards that will perfectly blend in with your lifestyle.
Property guarding. The value of thefts has been estimated to be in the billions of euros. IPS ensures that safeguard your assets are monitored and guarded and irrespective of their location.
Event security such as security, screening, and reception for anniversaries, fashion shows, weddings, fashion shows, brand promotions, and restaurant openings
Armoured vehicles with different protection levels and security drivers equipped with anti-kidnapping and surveillance techniques.
Scan agents.
CCTV and alarms to install in your properties.
Training courses such as first aid in remote areas, HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) and Cyber security



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