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It is impossible for lawmakers to ignore the voices of America’s educators united in the fight against child detention. Your community needs your voice to personalize this cause.


Consider lending your support, and your voice, by creating and sending us a 30 second video.

Please use the following script:

My name is [your name], and I am a teacher/administrator at [school name] in [city/state].


I teach [your area] to [grader].

I support the Teachers Against Child Detention's Teach-In For Freedom on February 17.


As an educator, I am concerned about [insert a description of what you are concerned about relative to child detention.]

I am calling on our lawmakers to stop the incarceration of immigrant children, so that every child has the chance to achieve their full potential.


  1. Film in a quiet, indoor place to cut down on background noise

  2. Make sure there is nothing distracting behind you so we can focus on you and your message

  3. Try to film in a well-lit space, without bright lights or windows behind you

  4. Add any details that personalize your commitment to this cause, but please keep all videos around 30 seconds.


Share your video with us!


When you have completed filming the video, please email your video to us using this link.

Not able to make a video, send us a photograph instead

Not comfortable on video? No problem, you can still show your support. Simply print out this PDF, fill in your details so your network can know that you take a stand against child detention and have someone take a picture of you holding your completed sign.


Use the tips outlined above to make sure you capture a great photograph. Please email your video to us using this link.

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Thank you for all your help!

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Teachers Against Child Detention (TACD) is a group of teachers led by Mandy Manning, the 2018 National Teacher of the Year.


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