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Advocate for innocent immigrant children in U.S. Government custody


Substantial evidence shows that detention frequently damages the mental health and development of children, from infancy through teenage years.  Harmful effects on children's mental health are often persistent, are often severe, and can occur even after short periods of detention.  The United States should not detain children when they are fleeing abuse, war, or violence.  These children have the right to asylum under both US and international law. As teachers, our life's work is protecting and nurturing children. We refuse to let this continue.

TACD calls on all educators to act as mandatory reporters and speak out against the atrocities being perpetrated against immigrant children in U.S. Government custody.


  • PETITION: Sign our petition calling for the end of immigrant child detention.

  • MAKE A VIDEO: Make a short video calling on the U.S. government to end the detention and criminalization of immigrant children and their families. Or email us a photograph of yourself and a statement in support of Teachers Against Child Detention. We will be using these videos and photographs on our website and across social media.


  • COLLECT BOOKS: Encourage your students to donate a copy of their favorite book in Spanish along with a personal note of encouragement to an immigrant child. Books will be given to local organizations that help resettle refugees.

Please mail books to:

Teachers Against Child Detention

C/O Ysleta Teachers Association 

10910 Ben Crenshaw, Suite A 

El Paso, TX 79935



  • TEACH A LESSON: Teach a lesson to the students in your own classroom about freedom, and about the injustice of imprisoning kids who have done nothing wrong.

  • HOLD YOUR OWN TEACH-IN IN YOUR COMMUNITY: Educate your community about the harm of detention, the reasons why the children came here, and what Americans can do to call upon our federal government to release the children and close these detention camps.


  • WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper calling on the U.S. government to end the detention and criminalization of immigrant children and their families. Get tips here.

  • MORE:  See other ways you and your family/friends can support.


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Teachers Against Child Detention (TACD) is a group of teachers led by Mandy Manning, the 2018 National Teacher of the Year.


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